• Kasia Jamroz, CPCC, ACC

Why Do I Doo What I Do?

See, when it comes to matter of running and climbing, I divide people into two types: Those I don’t’ need to explain my passion to, and others who would never understand it.

I love doing extraordinary things. I love to challenge myself and to compete with my biggest and only rival - my inner critic and saboteur. I love to break the status quo and do things you can only achieve through commitments and dedication. To taste the victory of my passion in pain of the sore legs, sleepless nights in the high altitude, unconditional smiles of lives touched making Impossible possible.

I love to visit unusual places to see ordinary and exceptional mixed together. Far away from the noise of busy-land. Behind the complexity and busyness of the modern world. To disappear in the simplicity of the hills and valleys, dissolving in the energy of earth and fragrance of the nature, tapping into the innocence of the sunrise and wisdom of the sunset. To feel the feelings many refuse to reach for......

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