• Kasia Jamroz, CPCC, ACC

50 Deeds of Love 2nd De-Clutter Challenge

Updated: Sep 3, 2019

Amazing! Amazing is the amount of "Clutter" people contributed for our #loveinmotion #declutterchallenge We have enough clothing, toys, books for more than one village and this has armed Kasia and I to reach even more villages in Nepal! Transport to Nepal has been figured out. But still ongoing, is the task of sorting everything out. Picking things they need, avoiding things that may not be respectful or relevant. It is very important for us to be Culturally Sensitive to those we are choosing to work with. It is important we do not presume that our way of giving/living in North America is necessarily needed or respected elsewhere. This is part of our mandate at 50 Deeds of Love. A shout out to all those who contributed and for those whom we could not reach, we will continue doing this! Stay tuned for more information on Kasia's upcoming Marathon at Everest Base Camp and how her run can be sponsored. Thank you ALL for your Love. It transcends time and space and will reach people on the other side of the world! Thank you our corporate sponsors❤️#50deedsoflove #loveinmotion #givingisreceiving #world #change @vjbala @heyjute @kasiajamrozcoach @hesselverhage #mision #vision #purpose #commitment #givingisreceiving #shedidwhatshesaid #challengingtheimpossible #makingadifference #makingmemories #loveandlogistics #nepal #marathon #basecamp #everest #culturalsensitivity

We collected up to 1000kg/2204lbs of goods that are going to be shipped to Nepal. Thank you for all generosity!

Next stop - Nepal - to receive the shipment.

There is no deed to small to make a difference.

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