• Kasia Jamroz, CPCC, ACC


Hello From 50 Deeds of Love.

We have been quiet for a moment yet Our heart is and always will be close to Nepal and we are always thinking about making yet another dent in the universe. You may remember, last year, thanks to you, we have provided basic yet very necessary medical supplies and medicine for the people of the Basa Village. During our trip to Nepal last year, to deliver medical supplies and other goods for the benefit of the village, we made a pledge to MAKE A BIGGER DENT IN THE UNIVERSE and to raise money to build 20 bed fully equipped hospital facility in the Basa Village.

Fulfillment of this project will drastically improve the life of the habitants, provide access to preventive measures to treat timely curable conditions and will provide asylum for the older people of the village. Therefore this year's effort is dedicated to raise funds to make fully functional Basa Village Hospital by the end of 2020.The estimated cost of the entire project is $41,000 USD.

The work will be completed in stages and money will be released for each phase of the project upon approval and we will be notifying you about the progress of each stage. We have $1480 left from last year campaign (after purchasing medical supplies) that we have kept towards the project. Any contribution will make a huge diffrence in timely completion of this project, giving Basa people access to proper medical care and to address the most basic medical needs that often save lives. Your support is greatly appreciated.

Always with Love


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