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From Kathmandu With Love

Hello every one. My #heart is full of #gratitude, #joy and the feeling of #satisfaction. We are making a dent in the #Universe again. Thank you! With all my #love 🙏🙏

Thank you for your love and support. I am back from Nepal, managed to rest a bit and back to full speed operations on many fronts as 50 deeds are never asleep 😊 I want to share with you how we used the money you generously donated and what is coming up for us. First of all a very special thank you to our #loveambasdor Jeanne Barreira for active contribution to the fundraising efforts and inspiration while trekking with us in Nepal. Second of all, I am excited to share that Basa Village will have a very own hospital facility (thanks to some government funding, Basa people collaboration donating the land, Basa Village Foundation support and us – 50 Deeds of Love, @kasiajamrozcoach) This is a great news as it means that some of 600-700 people from the Basa Village and its surroundings will have an access to a medical facility and progressively a better health-care options. After conversations with Niru while still in Kathmandu, I have made a pledge that 50 Deeds of Love will support/sponsor entirely the project of building and equipping the patient rooms – four (4)rooms with five (5) beds each for the total of 20 beds. I am currently awaiting the cost assumption of the project. With that being said, out of $ 3,696.00 received out of your generosity, 50 Deeds do date used: $150 to cover Paypal fees, $50,00 Donorbox fees, $825 to purchase medicine and basic medical supplies, $200 to cover the transport fee to Basa Village, $100 for claiming the cargo and $50 transportation between Basa Village Foundation office, Airport and Cargo. The remaining amount $2,321 is being kept to be used for the Hospital Project as soon as we know the project cost.

Also if you would like to visit Nepal, visit Basa Village, be part of the Soul Adventure – the Journey with the Soul in Mind - Stay tuned for the updates and exciting announcements !

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