• Kasia Jamroz, CPCC, ACC

50 DEEDS OF LOVE REACHES Mt. Kala Pathar at 5,550 meters

This is Kasia Jamroz at 5,100 meters above sea level trekking towards Mt. Everest. At this very moment she is on top of Mt. Kala Pathar at 5,550 meters. As you know, we are raising funds for families in Nepal as she runs her Marathon at Everest’s Base Camp on the 29th. By clicking here https://goo.gl/G3rftD you can sponsor every mile she runs. Imagine how powerful her journey feels when she knows that every single step she takes will help a child get educated or get clean running water. Contributions can start from even $1 which goes a long way. And if not, just your Love and well wishes will carry her through.

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