At 50 Deeds of Love, we are blessed to meet incredible human beings with inspiring stories.  Our hope is to continue meeting such entrepreneurs who take pride in making hand-crafts representing the pride of their homeland.  We purchase and stock products hand-made by them.  Everytime you purchase one of these goods, it empowers them and helps them become more independent.


Meet Amma

Amma Al Harthy is an Omani Lady, married to a driver and has 5 children. They live in the modest house and she has learned about tailoring thriugh a local foundation in Oman that empowers underprivillaged women to supplement their income.

She hashand- made these georgous key-ring-puches which we at 50 Deeds of Love sell to support her family. 

The design is inspired by traditional Omani women's attire in Muscat. 

With your help, she can work form home and to take care of her children as well as help supplement income for her family.



Jeanne Barreira

My life has always reflected a deep commitment to being of service.  Be it my initial experience in my early 20s as a Peace Corps volunteer in Liberia; my 40 year career as a nurse which has included sharing in the precious first moments of life with families as a nurse-midwife or the honor of being present when a soul is leaving, in my role as a hospice nurse;   or my commitment as a single mother to raising two amazing human beings… my sons Forrest and Taylor.   

Being of service, gives greater meaning to my life. It allows me to be part of something bigger than myself.  It creates community and a sense of connection that is often lacking in the world today. It allows me to give back and pay it forward with gratitude for all the wonderful gifts both material and spiritual that have been given to me throughout my life.



VJ was born in India and grew up in the Middle East, until he migrated to Canada with his family during the First Gulf War in 1990. He got his Engineering degree from Queen's University, and started his own engineering design and drafting company in his last year at university.  The business evolved into an international management consultancy and a multi-faceted product & service provider that currently serves clients around the world.  All his business ventures have one thing in common; the marriage of ethics with corporate profitability.  All his personal relationships have one thing in common; the marriage of self respect and genuine love for the other. VJ is a musician, a yogi, an avid traveler, film maker, and student of life



Sora is an internal medicine physician who hails from Oman and whose studies took her to Lebanon, Canada and the USA. She recently left her job at a Boston academic center to move back to Oman to be closer to family and to look for opportunities to serve her community. She had worked with several NGOs in the past and worked with underserved communities in Oman, Lebanon, Boston, India and most recently went to Nepal with 50 deeds of love. She was drawn to the mission of doing good “directly, palpably and empowering local stake holders to become self sufficient” which prompted her to join the board of 50 deeds of love. She is interested in improving health in areas of need by providing resources and training most suited to local requirements.